Friday, September 25, 2009

John Key on Letterman

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The sad announcement that the marriage of Bill and Mary English has disolved

It was very sad to hear on TVNZ tonight that the marriage of Bill and Mary English has come to an end, and even more surprising that it was announced by Speaker of The House, Lockwood Smith.

Sadly we hear that the couple are now living separately, Mary and the kids in Wellington, Bill in Southland.

Lockwood Smith has confirmed that Bill English's official residence is in Southland, but we hear from Trevor Mallard that the English homestead has been set up in Wellington since the mid 1990s. Mary works as a doctor full time in Wellington, the English children go to school in Wellington, but Bill's official residence is in Southland.

It would appear that on occasion, when Bill is away from his official residence, he stays in Wellington at his wife's house, I guess in this modern day and age, separated couples do what's best for the kids.

If only we could think of a way that our hard working MPs could get...I dunno...some sort of perk that would help them stay together with their families, I guess the other option is that Bill English could move to Wellington, where his family lives full time...but alas I don't see how this can work, another holy matrimony gone to the wayside.

Long distance relationships never last :o(