Friday, December 12, 2008

Bruce Emery

This is the timeline as I understand it, it's taken from media sources in the last 48 hours painting the picture of the death of Pihema Cameron.

Pihema Cameron and a friend were tagging Bruce Emery's fence late one night. Mr. Emery heard or saw what was going on and called out, he then went inside his house spoke to his wife, went down the internal stairs and left the property with a knife. He then took off after Pihema Cameron and his friend and at around 300 meters from Mr. Emery's house there was an altercation.

Mr. Emery claims he was defending himself and Cameron 'stepped into the knife', the crown claims Bruce Emery went after the taggers with the intent to harm them. One has to assume that the jury believed that Pihema Cameron stepped into the knife, making this death have 'no intent'.

I have long said that we need to trust our justice system, it's the only one we have and if we don't then it's time to move off shore.

In saying that I have two questions...
When was the last time we blamed somebody who has died at the hand of another for their own death, especially when the accused left his property and chased after the deceased with a weapon?

And, if we reverse this situation. A Caucasian teenager is breaking a minor property law and a South Auckland Pacific Islander 50 year old man comes out with a knife, chases him and and a friend up the road for 300 meters, and the teenager ends up dead...would it be the same result?

One would hope the answer is 'Yes!', if we believe...and I'm trying...that we are all equal under the law...but would it?

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  1. He got a pretty stiff sentence - but these things are up to the jury, so reflect the prejudices of society.