Monday, February 2, 2009

Montgomery Versus Dalton

Let me first state that this post is very ‘opinion’ based, what I am about to mention has not been told to me first hand, it is rumour…but with a significantly good source.

Grant Dalton hates Peter Montgomery. I have contacts in TVNZ that told me that there was a ‘high level management’ meeting with Grant Dalton prior to the last Americas Cup, where Dalton told them that there would be no way that Peter Montgomery would be allowed on the Team NZ boat, and interviews would not be given to him. As I have been told there was talk about not sending Montgomery to the event then.

We now get a story in the Sunday papers saying the there is ‘no bad blood’ between them but Dalton doesn’t want PJ to commentate the Louis Vuitton racing in Auckland at the moment, he thinks it's time to have new blood there...but both commentators they Dalton has 'authorised' are over blood?

Question…why the hell would a member of a sporting team, be able to influence a broadcaster on who they use to commentate? Imagine All Black management saying…”Sorry no Grant Fox on SkyTV thanks”…it just wouldn’t happen.

If the rumour that I have mentioned earlier is true…surely this is more than just a conflict of interest…it’s down right childish and vindictive.