Monday, August 17, 2009

Fox News and Glen Beck…versus clever satire

The debate on health reform in the US goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. How any American can believe what goes out on Fox News makes me scared for common sense and logic.

Below is a clip from The Daily Show that shows Glen Beck turning 180 degrees in that space of 16 months. For this media wing of the Conservative Party to be taken as anything close to ‘Fair and Balanced’, is an insult to intelligent people everywhere…which is maybe why so many hick Americans believe it.

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From Jon Stewart to his ‘understudy’ Stephen Colbert, who has also pointed out very cleverly the distance between Glen Becks comments…and sanity. In the below clip, Beck points towards a possible eugenics programme run by the Obama administration.

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Now I know this is just a small blog run out of NZ, but please, if any Americans read this email me, the link is to the left at the bottom of the page, I truly want to know why shows like Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly are just so darn popular. Is it because so many people watch to get informed…or is it why I watch it…it’s nice to see trained (barely) monkeys wearing people clothes