Friday, January 15, 2010

Waitangi Day Twitter-BQ

Kia Ora Team,

Well a happy 2010 to one and all, this is my first post for 2010, and first for about 6 weeks, I have to admit that it has been nice to be away from technology for a few weeks, but am excited to plug back into the 'grid' for 2010 in new and exciting ways.

I have joined TWITTER...I know, I am surprised as well, but here's the thing, we (you and I) are going to have fun with this technology this year, and we begin on Waitangi Day!

Waitangi Day is a really special day to me, it's hasn't always been so, in fact, like many New Zealanders, it was just a day not to go to school or work depending on were my life was at, but last year I had a bit of a 'Road to Damascus' experience that February 6th is actually a day for all New Zealanders.

I have come to a conclusion that, for a lot of New Zealanders, we haven't claimed the heritage that we are entitled to by embracing Waitangi Day, our National Day...NZs birthday...and this year we are 170 years old. This day is our only day, and my challenge last year was not to let a small group take the joy of your National Day away from you.

Claim it, own it, MAKE it your National Holiday and it will be so.

If you want to join the revolution to make Waitangi your National Day then follow me on TWITTER, on February 6th we will be having a virtual Waitangi Day BBQ, everyone who is following me is invited....let's all throw a steak on the barbie together and celebrate 170 years of a country that we love :o)

And as a little incentive, every person who follows me before Waitangi Day is in the draw for a Toshiba NB200 notebook, a brand new laptop...and a reinvigorated National Day, what could be better :o)

Send this idea to EVERYONE you know, the target is 10,000 of us...which might be a stretch, but let's see.

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