Thursday, March 4, 2010

Indoctrination of kids minimising the dangers of credit

There's a website called, it's a site that asks kids to "Make a Promise to Pay", then you "Get your Stuff" and finally "Pay Later"

This is how they sell the idea...
"How cool would it be to get extra stuff for your favorite game, right when you want it, even without a credit card? It would be very cool! That's Kwedit Promise.
When a game or other site offers Kwedit Promise, you can get virtual goods immediately in exchange for a Promise to pay for them later."

The world has crashed and it would appear that we are only just figuring out that if we spend more than we have...then we are going to go backwards. Funny that!

Stephen Colbert has a funny take on it...
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...and we wonder why the Western World is so screwed financially,

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