Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The only thing to stop the Republicans is the Republicans

The GOP should smash the Democrats in the mid term elections in 7 weeks, only one thing can really get in their way...the GOP.

See the problem with the Democrats is they are too fractured, there base is far left to centre. Typically the GOP has set itself up to be much more aligned with one another. The Republicans seem to be able to get together much more easily and agree, whereas the Dems views are so varied, even thought the have the house, the senate and the white house at the moment, they can't get things done.

However, now there is a so-called 'grass roots' movement coming out of the GOP called the Tea Party, they are selling themselves as being a party for everyone...but it simply ain't so. They tend to be conservative Caucasian evangelical Christians whose new messiah is Glenn Beck, and whose new scripture comes from Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and the team at FOX News. This group is the only thing that can cause the GOP to stumble at the mid-terms as they are starting to win primaries and becoming officially the GOP nominations, to run for the Senate. Just an aside, in the American system the base of a constituency decides who is going to represent them at the upcoming election.

From the
Tea party candidate wins in Delaware primary upset

Tea Party-backed Christine O'Donnell won an upset victory in Delaware's Republican Senate primary Conservative activist Christine O'Donnell has won an upset victory over longtime Congressman Mike Castle in Delaware's Republican Senate primary.

Ms O'Donnell's win will give impetus to the conservative Tea Party movement.

Former New Hampshire health Commissioner John Stephen also beat three opponents to capture the Republican nomination in the state.

People in seven states and Washington DC are voting to pick party candidates ahead of mid-term elections...
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So, how will this be detrimental for the Republicans?

Firstly it will fracture the party more, and make those within the party more distant from one another as the Tea Partiers tend to be saying that their current GOP representatives are not 'conservative' enough. So this will strengthen a far right part of the party. When in power they will then face the same problem as the Democrats, of not just fighting the opposition, but fighting one another.

Secondly when it comes to polling day, the public will look at the two candidates. What they will see is the Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin backed Tea Partiers with no experience, a uber conservative religious agenda and no background in politics, and seasoned politicians who know how to work the system. There will be some who think a 'Grizzly Mom' is the way to go, and others that vote Republican because they will only support the GOP, but all polls say it won't happen, common sense says it won't happen and even FOX News says it won't happen.

In the Republican race for Delaware, now won by Tea Partier Christine O'Donnell, the polls prior to the decision showed this. If Mike Castle had been the Republican nominee he would have beaten his Democrat counterpart by 11%, if O'Donnell was to win, she would lose by 11%. Now polls are polls are polls, but asking the Republican support base who they thing would win the state and to have a 20% swing does not bode well for Tea Party nominees.

When FOX News is warning against electing Tea Partiers...then you know it's over. I think Charles Krauthammer, uber conservative and FOX News commentator, said it best two days ago, "You have to elect the most electable." For supporters of the Tea Party's not your candidate.

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