Saturday, May 16, 2009

Matty Johns

So the latest in this saga came out yesterday, and this morning one of the new central character's father called me up

Let me firstly state this, I think that the idea of a group sex 'gang bang/orgy' or whatever is really gross, in fact I think its disgusting and perverted. It doesn't change the crucifixion though of Matthew Johns.

Tania Boyd came our yesterday to support the Police story and Matthew John. The story fro TVNZ can be seen here

This morning, Peter identified himself as Tania's father reiterated what she had told TVNZ

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Here's my question, if the police said there was no case to answer 7 years ago, if the police cleared all players of wrongdoing 7 years ago, and they are not opening a new case as there is no new evidence, and if even the police are calling this "an issue of morality", if Matty Johns and his wife worked this out 7 years ago, if 'Claire' was bragging about her 'conquests' at the time of the group sex... then what the hell are ABC and Four Corners even running this story for...other than to ruin the career of Matty Johns.