Monday, May 18, 2009

People are idiots

I know that sounds offensive, I don't mean to be, but I just can't believe that people didn't know about how Pigs are farmed.

It's been widely reported over many years that pigs are treated like this, so are chickens, so are some cattle and all meats that we like to get as cheap as possible...I don't buy the 'naive' defence that Mike King has thrown out there.

People who are paid huge money are responsible for knowing what they are promoting, however in saying that, I think we all know...we've all been told, and deep down we ignore it.

Jamie Oliver has been banging on about this for years on our screens, we know about our chicken eggs...and we choose to buy them.

What normally happens is there is hub-bub for a few days, then it dies away for a few years until next time.

Here's the thing, if you care about the state of pig farming, there's really only one thing you can organic/free range pork...there is power in the dollar.

Why did Hummer stop making their bigger H series....Was it because they were unbelievably thirsty when it comes to gas? No. Was it because they are bad for the economy? No. Was it because they were impractable when it came to society...too big for car parks etc..? No. It was because Americans stopped buying them.

If you stop buying them...they disappear, it's up to you...or you can let it fall away and feign shock again in 3 years when the story comes out again.