Monday, November 10, 2008

American Average Joe

Submitted by Guerard, North Carolina, USA. Posted by Pat

Average Joe from America, but I am not a "Plumber"!

American's enjoy traveling to New Zealand, and find New Zealand to be a friendly, and environmentally beautiful country. American's returning from their Holiday come back to the States, and ask, "Why can't we have the same type philosophy towards the environment, as New Zealand"?

Our new President Elect, Barack Obama, has told all American's that he can not accomplish the necessary work to meet the expectations of correcting our Economic, Health Care, Global issues confronting America without the help of all Americans, as well as our Congress, and Senate.

He has called on all American's for TOLLERANCE, COOPERATION, and UNDERSTANDING.

In my humble opinion, as an American, it is my hope that New Zealander's will support the newly elected Prime Minister of New Zealand, and that the Parliament hopefully will follow suit.

There are no "quick fixes" to America's, or New Zealand's economic, domestic, and Global issues. After all, we share a Global Responsibility within a Family Nations who support Democracy over Tyranny.

As John Lennon's song goes: "Give Peace a Chance". How true that song was and is. Let us all give our newly elected leaders a "Chance for Change".

From an American Average Joe