Saturday, November 1, 2008

My wake up call

I just watched a news item on OneNews and I wish I was the kind of person that uses swear words cause all I was thinking was “that makes me f$%ken mad!”

It was a story from the BBC about the issues in Congo where people where so hungry that they were trampling one another, including children, to get to food.

Even the reporter was involved trying to pull people away from the crush in doing so saving one child who she later reunited with her father.

The thing that made me react to this story is how we, as New Zealanders, live such a safe closed minded little world. We bitch and moan about trifling things like smacking bills and boy racers as we sit in front of our televisions, inside our houses, eating our dinner…while some in the world crush their own children in desperation to get a ‘high energy food bar’.

This post is for me, not you, it’s a wake up call for me and maybe a way I can look at my priorities.

Updated at 8.50pm
See the news item by clicking here