Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am a NZ First Supporter....apparently

Visit Pundit.co.nz and take the political quiz to see what party best aligns themselves with your beliefs.

Apparently NZ First is mine.

My results...
New Zealand First Party 76% similarity

New Zealand First Party shares a 76% similarity with your beliefs
Please click here to visit the website of New Zealand First.

Crime and Punishment 75%
Economy and Taxes 75%
Education 88%
Employment 63%
Family and Morals 75%
Foreign Policy and Trade 100%
Government and Leadership 50%
Health Care 88%
Race Relations and Immigration 50%
Welfare and Superannuation 88%

I imagine that many people would come up with a center party as their result, my second best match was United Future...so the question is, "Why are the center parties doing so poorly?"