Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The 'F' Word

Had a funny incident happen today which made me think about the ‘F’ word. I can’t remember the show but I do remember once a sketch by someone going on and on about the ‘F’ word…and it ended up being ‘forbid’.

I had several incidents this weekend when people used a certain word that starts with ‘F’ during talkback sessions that probably shouldn’t have. Below is the most extreme example, the naughty words are in the last 30 seconds if you want to scroll forward.

It was talkback on Saturday morning based around the tragic shooting of Halatau Naitoko, at the stage there was no information released other then the shooting had happened and the police had said they didn’t know who fired the fatal shot, I questioned that and implied that I believed the police would have fired the fatal shot. Jeff then phoned…

Please note I have bleeped out the offending word(s)…

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The funny part is I was speaking to my boss today and told him I had a bizarre weekend where the ‘F’ word was said 4 or 5 times, the weird part was it hadn’t come up in 12 months…then a plethora of ‘F’s’ in a weekend.

When speaking to the boss I said ‘The F Word’ as my 4½ year old was standing in front of me…the conversation continued with one addition, Shorty trying to guess what the ‘F’ word was…

Fish, Frog, Firetruck (which isn’t too far from the actual word) and Fun were all suggested, I am happy to say…she doesn’t know what the ‘F’ word is, well the one I was talking about…phew!

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