Thursday, January 22, 2009

WeightWatchers and Me

Had my second weigh-in today and am still heading in the right direction, lost another 2kg. That means my total loss in two weeks in 5.9kg

I had a revelation this week which made me feel like an idiot because it seems so simple.

If one eats like a normal person, one will lose weight and keep it off.

I guess it's obvious that all overweight people put too much food in their system. If you put in more calories than you use, it gets stored as overweight person.

For someone who has been doing this for decades, I guess sometimes when you come back to simple thoughts it all becomes clearer.

Tip of the Week
Awesome snack is the ice-cream cones from McDonalds'. 1.5 points and makes you feel like you are not missing out...choice

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