Friday, July 23, 2010

Roadtrip, Day Nine

Napier put on a pearler of a day for our last day on holiday

We love Napier, I would happily move there tomorrow. The weather, the ocean, the people, the cafes, the museum, the sea life...and more is incredible!

We decided to skip the might BOP sadly, as we were going to stay just around the corner from where we used to live at Papamoa Beach Top 10. But alas we decided home for the kids would be a better idea.

Actually met Mum and Dad in Napier before we left as they happened to be coming we were heading North...weird. They showed the correct amount of awe at the Britz Campervan. And then we headed North.

Left at around 3.30pm with the ambition of having dinner in Taupo, spent longer than we thought we would by the great lake, and ended up driving quite slowly in a heavily fogged Waikato.

Children asleep in the back, the wife and I in the front talking about our great holiday and hoping that maybe in 12 months we can do it all the South Island.

Home at 11.30pm...and now we are off to bed.

Brilliant holiday, one we will never forget.