Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roadtrip, Day Three and Four

We left Mangawhai Heads in the middle of the day with our Britz Campervan handling itself like a hovercraft in the terrible driving conditions. We stopped off in Auckland en route to Huntly to have a 'pit stop' night with friends on a farm.

Had a lovely night of socialing with John and Julie then hit the road early (well early for us) heading to Ohakune. Something we are going to do is investigate interesting place names using the iPhone and online Maori translation dictionary as we went around, so through the diary we will also give what we thought place names may mean. It may be wrong as some Maori words can have different meanings.

Oha - to greet
Kune - to be plump, or pregnant

So Ohakune, to say gidday to the fatties, or maybe nice to greet the pregnant?

On the way to Ohakune we stopped to have a look at some native wildlife

And saw some pretty amazing countryside

We arrived at the beautiful Ohakune Top 10 Holiday Park and parked 'white lightning' alongside a delightful stream at the back of the property