Monday, July 19, 2010

Roadtrip, Day Seven and Eight

Left the brilliant Wellington Top 10 Holiday Park for the bright lights of the big city...Wellington.

Basically we spent the whole day at Te Papa and was thoroughly impressed with the 'Discovery Areas.' Areas set up for kids to touch, The last time I was at Our Place was maybe 15 years ago, and the last thing that would have been on my mimd was, "How's this for kids?"...but I can now answer that's brilliant!

One child did try to escape...but she was soon rounded up :o)

After Te Papa we went off to the waterfront for a coffee, then drove North to Whitby showing the girls 'where the Prime Minister lives' along the way.

Spent the night with old freinds, then for some reason went back into Petone, we kind of fell in love with the place and just wanted to go visit. Secretly I think we just wanted to drive the Britz Campervan as much as possible so a saunter South, before heading North to Palmerston North made all the sense in the world!

Had one of the great drives of my life as we headed to Palmy, first time in my life we went over the Paekakariki Hill, the Britz Campervan ate up the kms and incline like it wasn't there.

Can I say, that the view at the top was awesome

Next stop Palmerston North