Saturday, July 17, 2010

Roadtrip, Day Five and Six

We left the lovely Ohakune Top 10 Holiday Park and decided to head up the mountain to show the kids the snow for the first time ever. Up Ruapehu (Rua - number two, pehu - to exploding number twos?) to the snow.

After the snow it was, in the words of the immortal Willie Nelson, on the road again. Down through Waiouru (to go in the water) and Taihape (to pass by the coast...or maybe 'rubber footwear with no laces') and lunch by the Rangitikei (to stretch for heaven) River.
I think the Britz Campervan enhances the view...don't you?
Straight to Wellington (land of hot air filled politicans) to spend the night at Wellington Top 10 Holiday Park.
Tomorrow, Our Place...Te Papa!