Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shane Jones on the wireless

Further to my facetious, tongue-in-cheek tweet earlier

@patbrittenden Looks like NZs 6th most successful iwi station, Radiolive, is looking 2 replace NZs best known gardener with NZs foremost porn connoisseur

I thought I should expand.

Radiolive has had several drive time hosts, including Paul Henry, Bill Ralston and James Coleman since its inception in 2005. Currently the drive host is New Zealands best known gardener Maggie Barry. we hear today that shamed MP Shane Jones is now being given a crack at the lowly rating slot.

Click here for the story from 3News

As a clarifying statement here are the statistics.

Newstalk ZB's Larry Williams currently has 155,000 listeners, pulling 9.1% of the listening market, where at RadioLive's Maggie Barry has 45,000 listeners with an audience share of only 2.3%

'Nuf said.


  1. lol....always wondered why radio live sucked!!!

  2. Given 4 years ago Radio Live had 0% share perhaps 1/3 of where ZB is at, some 20 years after the newstalk format was adopted, isn't too bad?

  3. Actually Radio Live didn't start with 0% - it essentially replaced Radio Pacific and pretty much slashed it's ratings following the change to Radio Live.